For the past 7 years my passion for drones has continued to increase.  I think my passion has existed well before this time.  I remember when I was a small boy, about 5 years old, I asked for a remote-control helicopter for Christmas.  While I was excited to receive the toy helicopter, I remember being confused that it didn’t fly and only had flashing lights.  Now with the amazing technology available, every week we can do more and more with these flying aircraft which was such a dream when I was a young boy.

We are a small family-owned business located in Levin, Horowhenua servicing the North Island.  Originally from the UK, I have now made NZ my home and with the support of my kiwi wife who I met while we were both working in Shanghai, China, I finally get to follow my passion and do what I love.  We like to give back to our community, such as when we offered our free services to survey the damage from the tornados in Levin.  Our core values of Honesty, Integrity and Reliability mean we will always work with you in an Open and Honest way to give you the best possible result.  Working together we can add increased efficiency and cost savings on any project.  We make your life easier by doing the mapping, surveying and inspection work for you using drones, photogrammetry & surveying software.  Saving you time and money, while keeping your people safe on the ground. 


Paul and Nikki Garcia