Building Inspections

Safe, Versatile, Low cost

Our drone building inspections can include the entire project, specific buildings, or specific areas (e.g. facades, roof).

Inspection Process

We utilize the latest drone technology for all our inspections. After discussing the project scope with the client, we plan the project by creating computer generated automated flight missions and manual flights for data collection.

Once the flights are complete, data will be sent back to the office for processing and review, after which a detailed report will be generated if required. This data and report can help with your decision-making processes and deciding on what your next steps should be. Additionally, we can run our reports through Artificial Intelligence software for further analysis if required.

Please note: artificial intelligence software works by learning and thus is better suited on repeat projects.


Our drones can access roofs, facades that would normally be hazardous, time consuming and expensive using traditional methods such as Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (MEWP) and scaffold-based inspections.

The inspections are carried out at a fraction of the time required for traditional techniques providing significant cost savings and more importantly the crew will be safely on the ground until the client has reviewed our detailed reports.

Some of the key advantages include:

  • Safety of crew
  • Significant cost savings compared with traditional building inspection techniques
  • Building surveyed in fraction of the time
  • Roof measurements if required
  • Access difficult/impossible to reach areas such as roofs and chimneys
  • Reduce the need for scaffolding and working at heights