Insurance Inspection

Drone Services for Insurance Companies

Insurance claims can be complicated undertakings. However, using high-quality drone inspections, insurance companies can compile more detailed reports in a faster and more cost-effective way. Air Vision supplies aerial drone inspection services for insurance companies. Drones are fast and can safely access hard-to-reach structures and even the most difficult locations. This means that inspectors are not put in dangerous positions and the safety risks that can occur are massively reduced.

  • Faster and more accurate inspections
  • Cost saving
  • More detailed analysis and reports, including horizontal measurements, vertical measurements, area, thermal if required, and many more.

At Air Vision a combination of pilot skill, and the latest in drone and software technology, will result in high-resolution photo and video, and 2D maps and 3D models if required. This data can be used to accurately assess the current condition of a property or asset and process insurance claims faster and more efficiently. At the same time using drones will eliminate the safety risks of traditional methods. Claim assessment inspectors won’t have to access hazardous areas. Additionally, the increase in speed and quality of the findings gives insurance companies peace of mind. All our maps and models are geo referenced and fully measurable thus making it possible to evaluate the measurable claim cost in minutes.

The use of drones can help insurance companies in a number of ways:
Faster reporting – To assess damage, verify claims, and fast-track solutions, speed is of the utmost importance. We deploy our inspectors, conduct analysis and give you actionable data in a fraction of the time compared to ground-based inspections. A faster turn-around of claims means a smoother, easier-to-manage workload.
Keeping a record – an essential part of insuring an asset is knowing its condition during certain time scales in its life cycle. Before, during, and after a client takes ownership of an asset or structure, an inspection is of vital importance. This gives you an idea of what needs to be insured, what has changed, as well as giving a future risk assessment. Using drones allows you to take a snapshot of the asset faster and more cost-efficiently that using traditional methods.
Safety – When an inspection or survey involves assets at heights or difficult to reach areas, drones really start to show their worth. We can negate the need for cranes, scaffolding, cherry pickers, scissor lift rope access, and other time and money intensive methods. Keeping all personnel on the ground not only increases safety, but it also increases speed.
Drones allow you to view a property or asset from heights and angles that were previously imaginable. The separation of elements, afforded by the height of the drone, allows you to see the actual layout of the asset in relation to its surroundings. For example, if using ground-based photography for a property appraisal, it is virtually impossible to show the true distance of a house to its boundary lines. Drones give you the best solution, 360-degree angles in HD, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions such as manned aerial vehicles which is costly and time consuming.