Testimonials from our customers

  • Taylor

    We had our 305-hectare farm mapped by Paul & Nikki from Air Vision. We live in Dannevirke and they were more than happy to travel to get the job done. The technology and attention to detail used in the job was second to none. Great people, I would highly recommend Air Vision to anyone.

    Farmer (Dannevirke)
  • Maureen
    I would like to personally recommend Air Vision.   Levin was hit with a tornado and it ripped roofs off houses, blew windows in and fences were flattened.  Trees and power lines were down, and debri was everywhere. People were told to stay inside and stay off the road.   Paul from Air Vision posted on social media that his company could help to ascertain damage by using their drones. I made contact with paul and he went to our property that same day and sent me the pictures he took. Air Vision did not charge for this service.   This allowed me to know what the damage was, which was a gaping hole at the ridgeline of the roof - we could not see this from the ground.   I was able to supply this information to the insurance company, and it permitted us to act far more quickly, to order materials and book in tradies to repair the damage.    Many thanks again.
    Seddon Street Property Management