Cut & Fill

Air Vision use the latest drones, automated flight planning applications and photogrammetry software, amongst other technologies, to plan and conduct our missions.  This data is used to produce highly detailed 2D/3D high resolution maps and models (digital twins).

These maps can guide excavation teams to the most efficient use of material, equipment, and labour. With colour and 3D, the map will show the specific areas where the land needs to be cut or filled.  Using a 3D cut and fill map will enable you to move the earth in the most logical way, which reduces labour, equipment, and materials costs. Drones also do a better job at measuring stockpiles because they can take pictures at so many different angles, which is impossible with other methods. 

Compared to traditional methods, using drones we can help your company precisely, safely, and quickly map topography that is difficult to access on foot. 

On large job sites construction firms can be bringing in raw materials daily and understanding how much of each raw material is on the job site, and how much to order, is a continuous job for site managers.  Drones can quickly and accurately measure stockpiles of materials, helping site managers understand how much of each material they have, and helping them make more informed decisions.

Drone derived 3D models enable volumes and measurements to be calculated in a timely and precise manner.  Air Vision flies, analyses, and reports what the status of your project is, removing the need for tedious manual reporting.  Saving you substantial time and money by automating and streamlining the earthworks process.

Cut and fill analytics gives you the total amount of earth movements between dates or in comparison to design layers.  This can be done for small or large areas producing a range of valuable reports, and colour and 3D maps, that can be used by quantity surveyors, project managers, or any of the project team.

The platform can be used to evaluate topography changes, see if work is done according to plan, and let you quickly act where required.All the data provided is compatible with existing GIS software, and our highly trained team know exactly how to support you in using this data effectively.