Roof Inspections

A drone roof inspection is the perfect way to see if there are any issues on the roof that cannot be seen from ground level.

Our drones offer high-quality details such as, damaged or missing tiles, vents, and other associated components. Drones can fly to areas that are difficult or dangerous to reach.  We are able to capture photos, videos and measurements.  

Using a drone is safer than traditional roof inspections. Contractors won’t have to be on the roof while taking pictures or measurements.  They will be safe on the ground while the drone does its work. It also brings extra transparency to your roofing project by having an independent party do the inspection process for which you will have the exact same information as the roofing company to avoid any confusion.

After placing an order, one of our expert drone pilots will come out to your property to conduct an inspection. A drone will fly over your roof, taking pictures and measurements as it goes highlighting any potential damage that it might find.

After the drone inspection is complete, all the information will be forwarded to our office and processed into a comprehensive report detailing everything you need to know about your roof, including measurements if required.  All reports will be time stamped and have geo-tag location.  You can also use this information to assist in insurance claims if needed.

Air Visions roof inspection report will help you to decide whether you need roof repair or roof replacement.  Air Vision works with a number of roofing suppliers and installation companies so once the inspection is complete, we can connect you with one of our trusted roof repair experts if required for further work on your roof repair or roof replacement.

Advantages of drone roof inspections:

  • Inspect your roof whist staying safely on the ground
  • Get a bird's eye view of the entire roof
  • Know exactly what you're getting into before signing off on any work

The cost of a drone roof inspection can vary depending on how thorough you would like your drone inspection to be.  Contact us to discuss a quote today.