Wind Turbine Inspections

Historically there are several methods for turbine inspections, such as the cherry picker, service platform, crane, or rope descent. The problem with these methods is that they involve heavy plant or climbing, which is time consuming, costly, and dangerous. Using drones, wind turbines can be quickly inspected, without the measurement errors that come with human inspections.  

Air Vision wind turbine inspection provides you with an in-depth look at the health of each blade and structure via the use of the latest in drone technologies. Using automated flight planning, and A I (Artificial Intelligence), we produce 2D/3D models, high quality photos, and thermal imaging.  Drones can capture high-resolution images at least 50% faster than traditional methods.  Any faults found will be highlighted in our detailed reports for your engineers to review and decide what further actions to take. In addition, we can run the drone data through A I software that can be trained to find faults automatically.

You get a higher-quality inspection in less than half of the time and for a fraction of the cost of traditional manual inspections. The process is also much safer than traditional methods. With drones, there is no danger to workers who remain safely on the ground.